Reviews - Historical

Lady Grace Norrington is bored with the ton and its rules. She is nearly thirty and not a debutante anymore, but plans to be married to someone by her birthday. Luckily, her family is having a Valentine’s Day masquerade ball for both Grace and her twin sister, Patience. Everything is going according to plan until Grace’s father hires Mr. Harrison Conrad as the new butler.

While at a wedding that Miss Theodosia Ashbrooke, a most prominent matchmaker, had orchestrated, she is asked by a prospective client to make a match for her son, Albemarle Howard, the Earl of Lenskeyn. Theodosia is up for any challenge, even a man who claims he does not need a wife. As Theodosia attempts to match Albemarle to woman after woman, he finds something wrong with each one.

A Score to Settle

WESTERN: It’s 1870, and rancher Ansel Lawson goes to his grave without sharing the location of his stolen gold to a band of thieves. In retaliation, they murder Ansel’s wife, Maybelle, their grown son’s wife, and his young son and burn both their ranches. Del Lawson barely escaped with his life.

NOVELLA: Following the death of his brother, fifteen-year-old Christian Bainbridge is shuffled off to the home of his older cousin. There, Christian is determined to succeed on his own. Though his cousin is a scoundrel, one thing makes his few weeks there bearable: he gets to observe a young housemaid as she reads with determination each evening on the veranda.

Priscilla and Charles have been friends since they were children, rivals at everything and yet supportive of one another. When Charles becomes engaged through an arranged marriage, Priscilla realizes her true feelings for him and sets out to be a rival for his attention, with the help of his fiancé and a matchmaker.