The Lord and the Lady Astronomer (The Grantham Girls Book 3)


Miss Abigail “Abby” Grantham loves astronomy. When her uncle asks her to come to his home to do star charting for him, Abby doesn’t hesitate to go. On the way, Abby stops the carriage so she can look at the stars. A stranger approaches, who Abby pokes in the stomach with her umbrella. The outsider isn’t really an intruder, but William, Viscount Rochvale. When William is formally introduced to Abby as not only Mr. Longmore’s niece, but also the one who will record the stars, William is entranced. However, he must keep his feelings to himself because there is just no way she would see him as anything else. When William’s cousin comes and meets Abby, he likes her, too. William must eventually show Abby that he wants her for his wife, or he will lose her to someone else.

This is a delightful historical romance by Ms. Baxter! The book moves along at a fine pace, and the story is beautifully told with many explanations of astronomy without making it boring. Regency mores of the period are even adhered to, which most aficionados will agree with. All the characters are compelling, too! Unfortunately, the main romance between the principal characters moves very slowly and seems to be thwarted at every opportunity, which could be a bit frustrating for most readers, so when they eventually get together, it doesn’t feel at all believable. Abby, the smart, independent heroine, seems to know the heavens, but is clueless about how to express how she really feels. William also moves leisurely when it comes to love, too. Still, it is an enchanting tale that is a pleasant read!

Roslynn Ernst