Once Upon a Christmas Castle


Rosalind Chatham is getting married, whether she wants to or not. As Christmas approaches, Rosalind and her family are arriving at the Duke of Westons castle. They are there to celebrate the Christmas holiday and her marriage to the much older Earl of Gloucester. When the Earl’s arrival reveals he is even more odious than she had feared, Rosalind finds herself desperate for an alternative that will allow her to continue to have her brother in her life but also ends the nightmare of her upcoming nuptials. Lucius, Duke of Weston, finds himself drawn to Rosalind despite knowing she is already taken. Feeling desperate and left with no choice, Rosalind flees the life planned for her and in doing so puts her life in danger. Suddenly the Duke finds he is much less concerned about what he should be doing and more concerned about the woman he has come to realize be can’t live without.

While readers can expect exactly what they are looking for in a historical romance, when they read “Once Upon A Christmas Castle,” they will also find themselves treated to some surprising twists. Readers will find themselves with a main character whose stepfather is supportive and loving, and when he makes mistakes, those errors of judgement are always made out of love for his step-daughter. The story does contain elements of sexual abuse and could be triggering for some readers. Ultimately the story is sweet, funny, and entertaining, and readers will be happy with the journey they have taken.

Valerie Vicars