Courting Fire - A Great Boston Fire Romance


Mattie Duncan, headstrong daughter of the owners of Duncan Mercantile in Boston, has decided to become a firefighter to be closer to the man she loves. Jack Taylor, suffering from guilt for his younger brother's fiery death two years ago, reluctantly agrees to train her. Out of respect for his brother's unrequited feelings for Mattie, he decides he can never pursue a relationship with her. At her mother's insistence, Mattie attends a dinner party where she overhears a powerful member of society discussing his hold on Jack's father, with a possible threat on Jack's life. Their investigation of her findings put Mattie and her family in danger; leaving Jack to wonder if he can help his father, keep Mattie safe, and continue to hide his growing feelings.

"Courting Fire" is a three-alarm love story with little tidbits of history wrapped in layers of danger over a smoking romance! Mattie and Jack are like moths drawn to a flame by feelings they can't deny. Their family members, friends, and fellow firemen are strong supportive characters who help to provide kindling to the story. Unfortunately, some of the plot points and the character's motivations are sprinkled repetitively, causing a drag in the storyline. The nefarious powerful villain never really makes an appearance to explain his reasons, but his behind-the-scenes machinations may be considered pretty explanatory. The historical information on Boston's Great Fire and the women's suffrage movement are cleverly inserted into the love story. Ms. Hughes' poetic license of Boston's history is crackling with humor and broiling with suspense while providing a slow simmer to a love that will be "Courting Fire" forever.

Tonya Mathenia