A Tryst in Paris (The Carousel Time Traveler Book 1)


TIME TRAVEL: A trip to Paris to pick up a few things for her ill mother at an enigmatic antique’s shop, leaves Mirabelle Montgomery with a mysterious coin purse and a note that leads her to the Luxembourg Carousel. A quick ride out of nostalgia, however, takes her through a time travel vortex back to 1900 Paris with only a warning to “Vanish into the past which holds your future. Return only if you right the wrong destiny that has befallen him.” Mirabelle is determined to succeed in her mission and return home, but whose destiny must she fix? The dangerously sexy Jacques Thibaut, whose ward she meets on arrival, or someone else? Jacques was a police detective until he was wrongly accused of working with the anarchists. While the two are drawn together, Mirabelle knows she is needed in the future, but unless she can complete her mission, she will be trapped in the past for good.

An engrossing time travel romance, “A Tryst in Paris” is full of tempting passion, mystery, a bit of action, and delightful bits of history. The story smoothly balances the sparks between the main characters, the mystery around Jacques, and Mirabelle’s own personal growth as she lets go of past hurts and opens herself to love again. Additionally, regardless of whether the characters are main or side, they all show distinct mannerisms and depth which will further engage the reader, and make the pages turn even faster.  Although a few of the threads are left open at the end for future books, lovers of time travel, romance, brave and independent heroines, and even history, will thoroughly enjoy this book!

Sarah E Bradley