A Midnight Masquerade (Timeless Georgian Collection)

Elizabeth Johns, Jen Geigle Johnson,
Annette Lyon

HISTORICAL: The latest collection of Timeless tales, “A Double Masquerade” by Elizabeth Johns features an unwilling Lord Claremont in search of a wife, who finds his match dressed as a peacock at a masquerade. Phoebe Cartwright isn’t supposed to be out this season, but a last-minute swap to help her cousin soon draws the attention of a fox she doesn’t wish to share. In “Their Masked Secret” by Jen Geigle Johnson, James Holbrook and his friends find themselves compelled to find wealthy wives by the end of the season and decide to attend a masquerade all dressed alike. Newly ennobled, Meredith isn’t sure how to sort to the fortune hunters from true love, but first she’ll need to discover which of the similarly masked men she fell for. Finally, in “Masquerade A-la-Mode” by Annette Lyon, scarred and battle-weary Charles Ballam is sure he’ll never marry, no matter what his friend, Doughty thinks. Clarissa and her companion, Mary, risk trouble if they were caught reading the lonely-hearts advertisements, but when the right one appears, the potential trouble doesn’t stop them from replying.

Once again, the “Timeless Collection” series has provided readers with the ideal short and sweet romances! All three tales focus on masquerades, secrets, and love that sees beyond the mask, stays light and clean, but still has swoon-worthy moments. The best part is the way the characters find each other after the masquerades, less chance, and more pursuit of love. While the stories are by necessity too short for great depth or passion, the characters still manage to be distinct, their stories different, and the messes they get into keeping secrets are entertaining as they are sorted out! Overall, readers who want quick, delightful romances that are both fun and sweet should look no further than this fantastic collection!

Sarah E Bradley