Reviews - Historical

Hudson and Laurel Wright are hardworking twins trying to survive, and sharing a strong sibling relationship.  One fateful day Hudson is called away from his job, while covered with coal dust, to discover that he and Laurel are the unacknowledged bastard children of the Duke of Everton.  With the duke’s death, his legitimate children seek Hudson and Laurel out, and accept them into the St.

The Scousers Doreen
Doreen M. Doyle,
Joe Giambrone

NON-FICTION/HISTORICAL/MEMOIR:  Life during the 1930s, through World War II and beyond was difficult for many British citizens, but for many modern younger audiences that life is unimaginable without books like this one. Doreen Doyle recounts the experiences of her extended family, the Scousers, who resided mostly in Liverpool as they endured the war and survived after.

Lady Eve Chandos has lived with her guilt for years. A Yuletide adventure as a child has left Eve with physical and mental scars, and without her twin. Betrothed to the man thought to have saved her life, Eve does everything to appease her father and betrothed with little success. Sir Gabriel Bedford has avoided his brother since that long-ago Yuletide ended in betrayal.

Duke of Disgrace

REGENCY:  Lord Jeremy Hareden came home from the war a duke, without a hand, harboring an opiate addiction and a wife who is publicly cuckolding him. From the time he was young, however, he swore he would never become like his unfeeling, philandering father.

Captain Red “Cutlass” Conall is an Irish pirate on the run from local police in a small port town in France. His luck of finding an unlocked door ushers him into a simple home of a single French woman. Aurelie ”Lila” Gavreau finds herself hiding a pirate while also caring for his injuries.