A Knight Before Christmas: Historical Romance Novella


Lady Eve Chandos has lived with her guilt for years. A Yuletide adventure as a child has left Eve with physical and mental scars, and without her twin. Betrothed to the man thought to have saved her life, Eve does everything to appease her father and betrothed with little success. Sir Gabriel Bedford has avoided his brother since that long-ago Yuletide ended in betrayal. Yet, as his brother’s marriage to the lovely Lady Eve approaches, Gabriel decides to return and make peace. Yet he little expected how drawn he would be to Eve or how much the secrets of the past would weigh on all of them. Will a Yuletide wedding once again end in tragedy or will a miracle save love?

An entrancing novella, “A Knight Before Christmas” starts with a search for an angel and ends in a miracle romance. While the story is predictable, and the conflict is easily resolved, the romance is well developed for so few pages, and the trials Eve faces make the reader want to comfort her and shout at her oppressors, which is a sign of how vivid the main characters are even if the rest are shallow. Combined with a steady pace and straightforward plot, this novella is the kind of book you read to warm up your days when life is a bit too much and is essentially the perfect introduction to an author whose books might just NEED to join ones to-read pile.

Sarah E Bradley