Red Cutlass: A Pirates of Britannia World Novella


Captain Red “Cutlass” Conall is an Irish pirate on the run from local police in a small port town in France. His luck of finding an unlocked door ushers him into a simple home of a single French woman. Aurelie ”Lila” Gavreau finds herself hiding a pirate while also caring for his injuries. Throughout his stay under her care, Red realizes he has developed feelings for Lila, but refuses to acknowledge that he could ever marry. She declines his offer to return to Ireland with him, as appreciation for his care, knowing that nothing more would come of their relationship. After he returns home, both set out on a path of finding each other again, once and for all. 

“Red Cutlass” is an enjoyable read about two determined people, both accustomed to their single lifestyles. Red and Lila’s friendship builds upon stories they share of their lives while Red heals under her care. Initially, Red’s personality is more laid back and lacks the dangerous feel than readers would assume of a pirate, although his wit will draw readers to root for him. Believability that a single woman, such as Lila not putting up more of a fight when she discovers a dirty, bleeding pirate in her home, and then letting him stay overnight may also cause readers pause. However, beyond their initial meeting, the story is entertaining while watching their friendship unfold. Readers will feel the sting of loss when Red leaves Lila’s care. “Red Cutlass” is a sweet love story that will have readers turning pages until the end!

Moira Wolf