Suddenly a St. Clair (The St. Clairs Book 5)



Hudson and Laurel Wright are hardworking twins trying to survive, and sharing a strong sibling relationship.  One fateful day Hudson is called away from his job, while covered with coal dust, to discover that he and Laurel are the unacknowledged bastard children of the Duke of Everton.  With the duke’s death, his legitimate children seek Hudson and Laurel out, and accept them into the St. Clair fold.  Ten years later, all of his siblings have found love and happiness except Hudson, who feels unworthy.  When his grandmother Cor dies, she leaves him an inheritance with the caveat that he marry to inherit.  Mia Sloane is a reclusive inventor who has taken over each of her father’s creations; he has dementia and is no longer capable. Mia is currently working on a steam engine that Hudson wants to purchase.  After spending time together, Mia is the only person he is interested in marrying, so he proposes a marriage of convenience.    Unfortunately, he neglects to tell her about the terms of his inheritance, which seems slightly contrived.

Nevertheless, the portrayal of each of these characters is masterful.  They are written as unique, interesting and strong, with deeply felt motivation to behave in particular ways.  The support and acceptance of the St. Clair siblings is beautiful and heartfelt.  The pace is steady throughout this novel.  There are a couple of evil characters who ramp up the tension.  While there are moments of heartache and struggle, the moments of triumph and beauty are much more significant!

Carey Sullivan