The Scousers Doreen

Doreen M. Doyle,
Joe Giambrone

NON-FICTION/HISTORICAL/MEMOIR:  Life during the 1930s, through World War II and beyond was difficult for many British citizens, but for many modern younger audiences that life is unimaginable without books like this one. Doreen Doyle recounts the experiences of her extended family, the Scousers, who resided mostly in Liverpool as they endured the war and survived after. Including experiences surrounding the German Blitz, little food, diphtheria outbreaks, her uncles fighting the war in the navy, and the poverty that followed, Ms. Doyle presents her family’s experiences in the same honest way one might learn one’s family history by going to tea and hearing stories over the family photo album. 

A non-fiction collection of true stories of the Scouser family, and Ms. Doyle’s thoughts and opinions on the multiple events and interwoven topics, this is not a book for an academic researcher, but rather for those who love history and find the real-life stories of those who endured it fascinating. The presentation of these stories often becomes a bit confusing as people are often referred to by their names in one paragraph and then their relationship to the author in the next. The sheer number of people talked about requires a family tree to keep straight at points! The stories themselves and the honest way they are told will charm and engage the reader. Overall, this book reminds us that history is not all dry facts and musty tomes, but quirky stories, interesting people, and worth reading about. 

Sarah E Bradley