Reviews - Historical

ANTHOLOGY:  Many stories have been written about the tragedies surrounding the Vietnam War, often focusing on events either immediately prior to the event, or during the active times of fighting. This book takes a different route, set after the events of the war, and sharing glimpses into how various lives were affected via six short stories.

A Christmas Promise (Timeless Regency Collection Book 16)
Joanna Barker, Annette Lyon,
Jennifer Moore

“The Two Bells of Christmas” by Joanna Barker tells the tale of identical twin sisters who journey to the home of Roland Hastings, the eligible bachelor Vivian has set her sights on. Vivian falls ill on the trip and convinces her twin to pretend to be her so she won’t lose her chance at winning Roland’s heart.

A Fallacious Seduction

Shanna is returning home from visiting her mother when there is an explosion on the train. When she wakes up, she is facing Reese, who happens to be a US Marshall.  He keeps calling her someone else and refuses to listen when she denies being that person.

Madeleine Bouchard finds the courage to run from her abusive husband to make her way home to France. She runs into two gentlemen, and to protect herself claims to be the wife of a dangerous Earl. Garrett Montayne is fascinated by the courage of the young woman before him, but he has his own demons to slay.

Miss Dahlia Farthingale and Royal Navy Captain Ronan Brayden become fast friends during her coming out season. Unbeknownst to Dahlia, Ronan is holding back his true feelings because she has romantic feelings for another. Dahlia is devastated after finding her crush in a compromising clench with another woman!