Vindicated by a Viscount


Georgiana Beresford comes from a large family of beautiful women, and she is no exception. She, however, is determined never to marry without love. That is why even she is surprised when a chance encounter with a chivalrous man leaves her with complete assurance that love at first sight is alive and real.  And, although she is unaware, the same could be said of her rescuer, Viscount Charles Churstan. That is a very good thing because someone is determined to destroy Georgiana’s reputation, and the only way to salvage it is to marry the dashing Charles. Unfortunately, when thwarted, the unknown villain increases the spurious accusations until it becomes imperative that the person must be found and stopped – but at what cost?  As the crimes deepen, the fearless couple find they are playing with a very deadly nemesis indeed!

For anyone who loves a quick, dreamy romp without having to dig too deeply, this may be just the story!  It is filled with an innocent kind of love where the couple are completely bowled over immediately and see no one more perfect that the other in every way.  For those who require a bit more depth and understanding, or even a little more realistic view, however, this story might be quite a challenge, as there is naught but starry-eyed prose to solidify the relationship. Still, the secondary characters add a bit of warmth in family and friendship, the writing is smooth, and the chase to uncover and find the villain is lots of fun!

Ruth Lynn Ritter