Burning Embers (Last Flame of Alba #3)


The last granddaughter of Adam MacHeth, Affrica MacHeth, is at the center of change during Scotland’s tumultuous years between 1200 and 1235, including the Ross rebellion’s last MacHeth rise against the King of Scots. A sensitive girl, Affrica, sees the thoughts and intent of others, especially her brothers and cousins, by her tenth year. The young girl displayed her adventuresome and resilient attributes at a young age, smitten with the priest’s son, Ferchar Ruadri. He held the nickname of Maccintsacairt bestowed upon him by the unreasonably jealous Kenneth MacHeth whom he grew up with. Ferchar’s honesty and loyalty allowed him to attend school in Paris. He also captures the heart of young Affrica. The friendship between Affrica and Ferchar grows over time with a harrowing escape in Paris. She’s stunned when she learns they are after her, not Ferchar. He helps her evade capture and earns the everlasting gratitude of her father.

The interweaving of complex Scottish turmoil and battles with relationships based on family ties, land, and power makes this a fascinating read. Affrica and Ferchar cross paths but choose different directions. Mary Lancaster masterfully pulls the threads together for the pair to discover their true destiny as foreseen. Fans of Scottish Historical Romance will remain glued to their Kindle as the story spills out. The vivid descriptions place readers inside the fortresses and among the wounded being tended. The non-stop action will cause the heart to stop and start at various intervals. Book three of the Last Flame of Alba trilogy is one no one should miss.

By Simone Dober