His Enterprising Duchess - Enterprising Women, Book 1


Two young lovers, a vicar's daughter and a Duke's son, are separated by lies, betrayal, the rules of society, and an ocean. Thea Fowler and Oliver Hawkins grew up in the countryside village of Thetford. When their friendship becomes intimate, he is sent away to Canada. Oliver promises to send for her, but he learns Thea married soon after he left. When Thea finds herself expecting, she goes to Oliver's mother requesting her help only to be told he has married. Six years later, Oliver returns to Thetford a widower and father to four year old Simon. He learns his older brother is dead and his father is soon to follow, thereby making him an Earl and soon-to-be Duke. Thea has established herself as a hostess of a respectable inn while taking care of her widowed, impoverished mother. Contrary to gossip and rumors, neither wishes to have anything to do with the other, if only they could stay away from one another.

"His Enterprising Duchess" is a story of betrayal, loss, love, and second chances. Readers will be charmed by a precocious four year old and his menagerie of pets. The villagers, servants, and gentry will provide readers a yearning for gentler times. Readers will root for the unrequited love of two people kept apart by betrayal. The insidious and treacherous villains are perfect for readers to rile against. The descriptions of the picturesque villages and other landscapes will deliver readers to cobblestone roads, country inns, and aging woods. Ms. Maxwell’s angst-filled story of an enterprising woman and the man who loves her will take readers on a journey of perseverance and fulfillment.

Tonya Mathenia