A Winter Wedding (A Lord for All Seasons Book 4)


Sophia Templeworth is the youngest of four daughters – and the only one unmarried. Despite her mother's attempts to change that, Sophia is quite alright with the lack of romance in her own personal life, and finds herself much happier spending her time in the stables and riding her brother-in-law's horses. Devon Blake, Duke of Farnshire, spends the Christmas holidays with his friend and his friend's wife's family, including the mysterious Sophia. Sophia and Devon quickly find themselves drawn together while trying to provide a fun and loving holiday environment for Devon’s orphaned niece and nephew. Sophia finds herself caring not just for the children who desperately need a mother's touch, but for their frustrating and attractive uncle. Believing it’s the perfect idea, Devon announces a betrothal – without asking Sophia to marry him first.  Together they could have the kind of love neither of them ever expected, but first they must survive the courtship.

The author wraps up the last of four sisters’ stories in a fun and entertaining read that will keep the reader smiling and believing in happy ever after. Being the youngest sister and this being fourth book in no way leaves the reader feeling like this is an afterthought. This tale is well thought out, and the characters are defined and enjoyable. The book doesn’t linger overlong on characters that don’t help move the plot along, and characters like unwelcome suitors and nasty nannies are dealt with in an easy flowing way that brings results without wasting pages on too much negative drama. Any reader looking for a good classic romance between characters who never expected love to come their way is in for a rewarding time.

Valerie Vicars