Rescued by a Rake (The Beresford Adventures #4)


Miss Lucy Beresford waited patiently for six years for her bridegroom to finally take her to the altar as promised. However, her patience has run out, and she travels to London to force his hand. Unfortunately, the groom is missing and Lucy’s only chance to find him is with his best friend, a notorious rake, Lord Montague. Monty is also worried about his absent friend, but allowing his friend’s fragile fiancée to track the man is hardly his first choice. But the longer the pair work together to track their errant friend and groom, the more Monty begins to see the appeal of the shy and plain lady, and the more they both wonder if a lady and a rake might make the better match.

A mix of historical romance and adventure leads two different people on a path of a missing man that takes them across the country, investigating potential espionage, and avoiding ruining reputations! As a couple, Monty and Lucy are a slightly unusual pair. Though she is an heiress and he is a lord, their interactions outside a typical ballroom and with Lucy’s engagement to another between them give their budding feelings a different take than the typical story of this genre. That said, while there is action, espionage, and political intrigue, they are all light and easily dealt with, and the romance is predictable. Overall, readers who want a slightly different format for their Regency romance but with a guaranteed happily ever after should give this book a look!

Sarah Bradley