Reviews - Historical

My Steadfast Love

Liam MacGregor reluctantly attends the wedding of his mother and Laird Fraser. At the end of the festivities, Laird Fraser announces he is stepping down and names Liam as his successor and heirr. Shocked by the news, Liam speaks to Fraser and his mother in private about the situation. He learns his entire life is built on lies.

On a dark night, Miss Brown sees a man lying in an alley, beaten in a brawl. When she goes to assist this stranger, she discovers that he is not a stranger at all. He is Lord Ross Travane, the man she was in love with eight years ago. Eight years ago, before she created the identity of Miss Brown, she was Miss Estelle Darcy.

Ella slipped and hit her head and has difficulty remembering her past. The family she lives with despises her and treats her like a servant. However, what she doesn’t know is that she has been cursed by the evil witch Hecuba. Ella is actually the daughter of Lucio de Bar. All of her siblings have been cursed as well. Her curse is that she forgets her family and her one true love, William.

It’s 1614 A.D. on the Isle of Skye in the Sea of Hebrides. Lady Kyla MacKeegan, also known as Captain Lion because of her long red hair, sets sail for the Lowlands to return a guest of her father’s. It’s not long before it’s clear Laird Corbin Lochwood is not at all honorable.

Set in Bear Grass Springs, Montana in June 1885, this book begins with the wedding of Alistair MacKinnon and his bride Leticia Browne. The MacKinnon clan is a close-knit Scottish family consisting of three brothers and one sister who emigrated from the Isle of Skye ten years prior.