Tamed and Unleashed: The Highlander's Vivacious Wife (Love's Second Chance Book 13)


Claudia Davenport wakes up in Gretna Green with a hangover and a very fuzzy memory. When her brother Viscount Ashwood chases her down, the need to preserve her reputation becomes a priority when it becomes clear she is with child. Giving her son up for adoption is the hardest thing she’s ever done, but when he is kidnapped, Claudia decides to find him herself. Garret MacDrummond wants his wife back, but tracking her to England takes months and unfortunately, not only does she not know she’s married, she doesn’t remember him! As she runs off into the countryside without explanation, Garrett follows along determined to remind her of their meeting and marriage. Will Claudia find her son, and will Garret help her recover her memory or will their marriage and son be lost without being given a chance?

An adventure wrapped in the regency romance setting, “Tamed and Unleashed” stands out among most historical romance, because the heroine and hero are married at the start of the book but must find love and face down a kidnapper as they journey across England. Additionally, many characters and events from previous books feature heavily in this plot, making this book possible to read by itself but best read in order to get the whole story. Still, the romance itself is full of excitement and simmering memories of passion that intertwine with the adventure to keep the reader engaged from start to finish. Overall, this is a good choice for lovers of adventure and historical romance. 

Sarah E Bradley