Reviews - Historical

Lady Margery Ormond has never felt like a lady in her stepfather’s home at Highfield, near London. Tending to an ailing mother and dodging her lecherous stepbrother, Margery is simply trying to survive.

Jonas Parker, the Earl of Harrington, is not interested in following his grandfather’s dictates, even if the man is the Duke of Southington. Introduced to The Wicked Earls’ Club by his mentor, Lord Coventry, Jonas has finally found a safe haven from his grandfather’s machinations.

Jessamine McMahon has made a career out of writing the sensational as well as the factual, but in Bear Grass Springs, her writings are hitting a bit too close to home. Her frequent target, Ewan MacKinnon (dubbed by Jessamine as the town’s “most disreputable gentleman”), is determined to show Jessamine there is a better way. Ewan has no interest in marriage or love.

Seductive Surrender

Gwendolyn, with her niece and nephew, has just moved from South Carolina to Scotland after learning her nephew is the heir to a title and large inheritance. Though, because of picking up an unknown injured man from a rival clan and being outsiders, the small family is not greeted warmly when they at their new home.

Take a trip back in time to Depression-Era 1934 Texas. Historic droughts dry up the country and economic confusion shakes the nation. It’s a turbulent time and Texas is slowly dying, when three teen-agers from very different walks of life meet at a crossroad. This story tells of how they come of age and come together against the backdrop of legendary gangsters Bonnie and Clyde.