Whirlwind with a Wolfe

Emily E

When her family’s fortune disappears, Miss Alice Reynolds loses her societal status as well. She is forced to take a position as a maid to another lady, Miss Louisa Bond. Her new mistress has been toying with the affections of Lord Emrick deWolfe, enraging him. The Lord plots his revenge. He sets out to kidnap Louisa and sweep her off to his secluded hunting lodge. When he unwraps his struggling bundle, however, deWolfe discovers he’s kidnapped the wrong woman—the lady’s maid. Alice finds herself held hostage by a strong-willed and angry man, in the middle of nowhere, in the midst of a horrific storm.

A quick read, this Regency is short and sizzling hot. The story is really too short, since the traditional historical novel runs 100,000 words plus. As a result, the title may fail the expectations of this genre’s fans. The author did not allow enough time or pages to develop the setting or provide more in-depth characterization, so the story reads more like an erotic novella than a historical novel. We want to root for Alice—she’s strong-willed and feisty but still gives in to Lord deWolfe, who is not portrayed as an honorable man. It is difficult to like a hero who will kidnap a woman with the intent to take advantage of her. Rapid and frequent changes in point-of-view keep the reader slightly off balance. The writing is simplistic, and the dialogue at times feels forced. For fans of a quick, steamy read, however, this tale is sure to heat up a chilly afternoon.

FS Brown