The Charity of a Viscount (The Widowers of the Aristocracy #4)

Linda Rae

Viscount Marcus Lancaster has an overactive imagination, a lovely daughter newly entering the marriage mart, and an eye on a widowed countess he has long loved but been unable to court. Charity, Countess of Wadsworth, is done with marriage and unfaithful, unreliable husbands. With strained finances she accepts a position as a matchmaker at a charity to find wives for wounded soldiers. She is astonished to learn that a simple waltz with the viscount has somehow turned into something more in the man’s mind, and that despite their brief acquaintance the man wants to marry her and fulfill dreams she’s never shared.  Can two different people find love when dreams and reality collide, they are about to find out.

An outstanding historical romance, “The Charity of a Viscount” is a laugh out loud comedy of errors meets typical regency romance. Beginning with an older couple as the leads, with vastly different outlooks on their courtship, the conversation, personalities, and various quirky side characters all add up to a book full of fun. The only real drawback is that the Viscount’s daydream segments can be slightly confusing to keep separate from reality, but this is a minor complaint because the rest is so well done and enjoyable. Readers won’t want to miss out! The romance itself is full of passion and interest while staying clean, and the minor romance threads at play all intertwine nicely to keep a reader interested, especially as the Viscount’s imagination provides much of the conflict with humorous results. Truly this is a book worth reading, and possibly a series worth adding to one’s to-read list today!

Sarah E Bradley