Prince of Persuasion: Sins and Scoundrels Book 2


A hard lesson Duncan has had to learn in his life is that he has to make his own way without the blessing of a father who refuses to acknowledge him. For Duncan, his own path is one many in polite society frown upon—a devilish men’s club with some truly shocking turns in every corner. Frederica plans on being a novelist, so for research purposes she disguises herself as her brother and sneaks into Duncan’s nefarious club, only to come face-to-face with the owner himself and slip down a hole of desperation and need she didn’t know existed. Both of their hearts are stolen during their exchanges, now Duncan must decide if the revenge on his father is still necessary while Frederica must choose if she’s alright with what her long sought freedom will cost her. 

A one-of-a-kind steamy regency experience! From the beginning the reader is made aware of the hero’s feelings, and as the story continues, that awareness spreads to encompass the heroine as well, creating a connection with the characters not easily broken. The writing style and word usage feels like more of a contemporary rather than strictly an era piece, creating an odd hybrid of the two genres. On that same thread, this novel has an abundance of details which do not seem to fit the time-frame, giving it, again, more of a modern air. It does hold intriguing conflicts within each main character and watching them develop into better people is encouraging because of where their story can go. Definitely not a typical book for this genre, but one worth jumping into and not overlooking.

Yannie Sorensen