Reviews - Historical

FAMILY SAGA:  It is in 1867 when Sarah and Hope arrive in Silver Birch Landing. Their trip on a bride ship from San Francisco to British Columbia was nothing like they had imagined. Fate sends Luke Harcourt to Hope’s rescue while Sarah lands in the crude hands of Tobias John. Beaten, bruised, and left for dead, Sarah’s life lies at the mercy of strangers.

REGENCY:  When the Battle of Toulouse left Major Cecil Mathew Stapleton with physical and psychological wounds, he did not know what life would look like. Covered with scars and bitterness, Cecil exited his life as a soldier to embark on a new adventure, one he hadn’t figured out yet. Arriving at his Buckinghamshire cottage, he finds that someone else had occupied the cottage. Mrs.

Edmund Knight is a vicar with a unique calling. He’s made it his business to save as many young women from forced prostitution as he can, no matter how many enemies it wins him. Lady Isabella Hartmere thinks her father is finally bringing her to London to enjoy the theatre. Instead, she’s handed over to a madame, stripped, and put up for auction at a brothel.

How does one protect his beloved stepdaughter from a fate worse than hell: marriage to an evil heir’s son? Well, send her to the Lyon’s Den, of course. As unusual as it sounds, on his deathbed, that’s what Sir William Ashby does. Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon runs a gaming hall but is also very good at matchmaking.

Widows of Somerset (Timeless Regency Collection Book 15)
Rebecca Connolly, Jen Geigle Johnson,
Heather B. Moore

REGENCY:  A collection of three stories sharing the theme of Regency widows who find themselves destitute. “An Heir to Spare” features Lady Lyndham, who is dealing not only with grief, but the reality she is about to become homeless. In steps former clergyman, Ned Richards, to “save the day”, and of course, pursue the widow romantically.