Meant for the Marquess (Second Sons of London #7)

Alexa Aston

Julia finds herself on her own in the world, forced to seek employment after her father, Lord Tilton, passed, and left his estate to his eldest son. Despite the cruelty of her half-brother’s actions, Julia accepts her fate and becomes a governess at Woodbridge. She is treated fairly there, teaches two young boys, and enjoys her life. However, when Lord Devin comes to visit Woodbridge after a career ending incident at war, Julia is faced with a new dilemma that could ruin her reputation and sully the good life she has been able to build. 

When it comes to romance, “Meant for the Marquess” is as steamy and suspenseful as they get. The plot progression is steady, with each chapter ending just as a new revelation unfolds. Notably, each chapter is read from alternating perspectives between Julia and Lord Devin. The open window into both of their minds creates suspense as readers wait for the two to finally find companionship in each other, and learn to accept love from one another. Julia is portrayed as a strong-willed woman, and it is satisfying to watch Lord Devin squirm as she continues to deflect his advances. However, it is equally satisfying to see Julia be viewed as a lady and slowly begin entering Polite Society as the equal she was before her half-brother banished her. Alexa Aston produced a fantastic story that goes beyond romance and focuses on Julia’s fall from Polite Society, and her long awaited return. 


Sadie Wilson