Knight of Destiny (Sisterhood of Secrets #5)

Jennifer Monroe

 Sir Aaron Kirkwood has longed to be a success and make his mark on the world. When a timely intervention earns him a knighthood, and with his good looks giving him an edge, he’s certain his destiny is waiting for him, beginning with turning a failing local theater into a gentlemen’s club. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on the lovely and tempting Miss Louisa Dunston. A family secret haunts Louisa, making her doubt she will ever be loved. Determined to hide this pain, she flaunts her beauty to get what she wants, in this case, to preserve the local theater and keep it from the clutches of the arrogant knight who is attempting to buy it. Both are certain the other is targeting the theater for selfish ends, yet  a simple flirtation to win quickly turns into something more. 

When two vain flirts compete, sparks are inevitable. Passion is ignited almost from the beginning as Sir Aaron and Miss Louisa collide over the theater. The story unfolds quickly, with two very passionate and emotional characters that are very alike, and inspire strong feelings in the reader. Faults are fully addressed in these characters, who tend toward vanity, arrogance, condescension, and more, with little willing improvement. Yet their very flaws being reflected in each other have the unusual effect of increasing the attraction they feel, despite their differences of opinion and approach to the future. As a result, the reader is engaged from the beginning, and will find themselves immersed in this hate-to-love couple that brims with desire from start to finish.

Sarah E Bradley