Almost a Scot (Always a Scot Book 3)

Jade Lee

Iseabail Spalding’s evil uncle is telling all of Scotland she’s a witch, and is forcing her to marry an abusive man. Of course, her response is to escape from his grasp. Iseabail makes her way to London, hoping to find a more suitable and kinder husband. This is where she meets the biggest scoundrel of them all, Reuben Bates. Reuben, a well-known businessman, wants to be in the aristocracy, a goal which can only be achieved by marrying into it. When Reuben discovers Iseabail’s secret, he uses blackmail to his advantage. However, what the two didn’t realize was how much attraction they have between them. The question remaining is whether they will succeed in their own lives or fail because of their unplanned connection.

Everything about this book screams fantastic enemies-to-lovers, mixing in steamy romance, enlightening historical contexts and of course a relatable, stubborn protagonist. This book is the opposite of cliché – Iseabail does everything she can to get herself out of the situations she’s in and never gives off the feeling she’s a weak damsel in distress. Reuben, unfortunately, is not likable until well-into the book, making it less fun to read about; however, he eventually does grow on the readers. The story also has perfect plot progression, allowing one to see the character’s depth and development and become slowly entranced into the protagonist’s romance.  There are moments that one may find slow and less engaging, but the rest of the book has plenty of scenes to keep readers entranced by the romantic connection of Iseabail and Reuben. This is a must-read for readers who enjoy strong heroines and attractive historical romances.

Austen Grace