The Convenient Engagement (The De Petras Saga Book 5)

Emily E. K. Murdoch

Sapphire is the youngest of the De Petras family and is still protected and treated like a child. She has a disability that does not stop her. No one in her family will take her seriously and she believes the only way they will is if she becomes engaged. So, she devises a plan for her best friend, James, the Earl of Maltravers to propose to her.  James has been in love with Sapphire for years but has not found the courage to tell Sapphire of his real feelings. When Sapphire proposes the plan, he thinks this is finally his chance to prove and show how he really feels. What happens when this plan backfires on them both?

“The Convenient Engagement” is book 5 in the De Petras Saga and can be read as a standalone, but would be so much more enjoyable if the books are read in order. The reader is pulled in from the very beginning, and the tale’s grip will not let up until the end. This is a beautiful story about two friends who grew up together, and wind up falling in love. The reader will love the De Petras family, especially Sapphire and James, the main characters. Despite Sapphire’s disability, she does not let it stop her from what she wants. Her personality is so outgoing and fun, and James is shy and unsure of himself. Both are complete opposites of one another, but fit so well together. The reader will enjoy watching the interaction between them as they struggle with their feelings for one another, which are heartfelt, and the chemistry and sparks grow in a realistic way.

Victoria Zumbrum