The Heart of a Lyon (The Lyon's Den Connected World)

Anna St. Claire

After the death of his father, Henry Stanton, the Earl of Egerton finds himself indulging in games of chance and liquor to drown out his guilt. He has little time for marriage or getting involved in other people’s problems, especially if the Black Widow of Whitehall is involved.  But when his brother is nearly killed and the girl he grew up with is targeted by the worst sort of man, Henry finds himself considering a fake engagement as the only way forward. Lady Olivia Dawson has always hoped to marry for love, and Henry is one man she’s never forgotten. But her father’s financial problems threaten her future, and her only hope of escape is convincing Henry that a true marriage is the answer to both their problems. As their mother’s scheme for their children and a mysterious foe threatens danger, arrangements at The Lyon’s Den could be the risk needed to assure all their futures.

When a lady needs a hero, Henry Stanton is the man to save her. In this story, a childhood friend turns romantic – but not until after some danger and meddling schemes push it forward. Readers looking for complexity or surprise should look elsewhere, but fans of attraction turned to love, dashing heroes, loyal families, crazy villains, and only a handful of minor conflicts will find this book a perfect fit. A quick read, this story can be read as a standalone in the Lyon’s Den Connected World, and makes two childhood friends into sweethearts so enticing, that a lazy afternoon read can easily be a lovely one!

Sarah E Bradley