Reviews - Historical

Comes the Winter
St. Claire

Alena Sommer is not one to allow trouble to stop her from living life. When the child she’d been governess to dies in an accident, she becomes a mail order bride, and sets off to the Idaho Territory to begin again.

In 1435 Scotland, Muren Grey is trying to escape the situation her brother placed her in. Her brother betroths her to another when, in actuality, she is already betrothed. Without a thought for Muren’s happiness, her brother promises her to one of the king’s men to find favor with the King. Upset with the decision, Muren decides to take matters into her own hands.

Tristan Sinclair, Viscount St. Ashton, is trying to escape the melancholy of his life – as well as the scheming, matrimonial-minded Felicity Brightwell. His world is about to be turned upside-down, though, when a chance encounter with Mrs. Brightwell’s new companion makes Tristan do the impossible: fall in love at first sight.

Lady Arabella de Percy must flee her home when her brother is killed, and the holding is taken over by a ruthless and ambitious knight.  Her escape attempt leads her right into the arms of Scottish Laird, Calum MacGregor, sent by her uncle to rescue Arabella.  Calum is only looking to repay a debt of honor, not gain a new bride, but he’s captivated by Arabella at first glance.  Arabella should

The Lady's a Rebel

The civil war has taken its toll, and Vicksburg, Mississippi is destroyed. Fleeing the carnage and the ruins of her family home, Anneliese Tremaine seeks refuge with her wayward older sister Flora, and Great Aunt Charlotte. Unfortunately, the Tremaine family has refused to sign the pledge of loyalty to the Union.