De Wolfe in Disguise (Part 1 of the De Wolfe Series)


The Maxwell clan is in trouble. Beset by Clan Johnstone, they need an alliance with a powerful neighbor, but their plans to ally with the powerful Gordons falls apart when the Maxwell heir and prospective groom is killed in battle. Now Lady Rebekah Maxwell will have to marry into the powerful De Wolfe family to save her people. Leonides De Wolfe—the viper—isn’t sure he wants to marry. When he’s sent to the Maxwells, to see if he’ll accept such a marriage, he decides to claim he’s a simple captain of the guard, so he can get to know his prospective bride before he commits. Once the marriage is agreed to, Leo will have a three-day journey to get to know his bride to be. But, if the Johnstones have anything to say about it, Rebekah and Leo may never make it back to the De Wolfe keep!

The Scottish marches come alive with intrigue, battle and romance in Jennifer Siddoway’s entertaining short addition to the De Wolfe stories. Ms. Siddoway has a deft touch bringing the Scottish borderlands to life, and her two main characters are fun to watch as they get to know one another under false pretenses. Though the chemistry between Leo and Rebekah sizzles, the plot is well worn and a little rushed in this short novel. And the sizzle turning so quickly into love may leave readers wishing for a bit more friction between Leo and Rebekah to make the resolution feel less pat. Overall, “De Wolfe in Disguise” will delight fans of the De Wolfe series with its rough and tumble action, handsome warriors and sweet, intelligent heroine!

Marc Joseph