My Rebel, My Love (De Wolfe Pack Connected World)


Lady Eleanor of Elton is a lady in waiting to Queen Isabella, wife of Prince John of England. Being a lady in waiting has lifted her from the poverty of her childhood, but she is tired of the life and is anxious to become an independent woman selling her embroidery in an age when women are property of their husbands and it is rare for women to be in business. Baron Jenkin de Lacy is one of the rebellious Barons out to wrest control from Prince John. Widowed, it is assumed that he will make an advantageous marriage alliance. However, he meets the Lady Eleanor and is intrigued enough by her proposal that he backs her business. When her independence is threatened, he must choose to follow the dictates of society or the dictates of his heart.

The final year of Prince John's reign makes for an exciting backdrop to this short historical romance. The dialogue, however, is modern, which makes it difficult to stay anchored in the time. Moreover, Baron de Lacy's willingness to discuss the establishment of Eleanor's embroidery business on the day Prince John died, as well as his actions in reaction to the threats made by her parents did not ring true for a powerful man of that period. Even so, the details regarding women's financial independence are illuminating. Overall, the characters are likable and readers will root for Eleanor to achieve her dream. "My Rebel, My Love," is a fast, enjoyable read and perfect for a short afternoon break!

Tricia Hill