Reviews - Historical

Dark Steel
Le Veque

Oblate (pre-vows nun) Grier de Lara, knight Dane Stoneley de Russe, and warlord Davies ap Madoc form an unrequited love triangle with elements spun from Shakespearean tragedy, a fairytale improvement of circumstances, and poetic influences from “Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes mixed with dynamic battle scenes set in the Welsh Marches in the 1500s.

Lady Mairi MacGregor is engaged to Laird Patrick MacEwan, but she’s in love with Laird Aaron MacRae. The family feud between the MacGregors and MacRaes started a year earlier and adds to the complications in this tug of war between duty and desire. Mairi’s and Aaron’s siblings’ concern for their happiness is pivotal.

RENAISSANCE:  Anne is the love of King Louis XII’s life. Too bad he is already married. With his annulment creating Europe’s scandal of the year, Anne returns to Brittany to take back the control that her late husband wrested from her. At twenty-one years old, Anne is not only sovereign ruler of Brittany but one of Europe’s wealthiest widows as well.

The Devil in Plaid

MEDIEVAL:  Fiona is the daughter of Laird MacDonnell. She knows that she will be used as a tool for alliances to bring peace to the constantly feuding clans. However, when her betrothed is murdered by his uncle who takes control of clan MacKenzie, Clan MacDonnell must forge an alliance with the clan MacLeod. The only problem is, to Fiona, this is a fate worse than death.

My Lady Zane

BIOGRAPHY:  Sergeant Leah Sullivan is currently serving in Iraq and is determined protect her country. During this tour, she receives letters from her grandmother. These letters tell the tale of Elizabeth Betty Zane. The book then dives in to tell the stories of both these brave women, one modern, one historical. Betty lives on the frontier with her family during the American Revolution.