Reviews - Historical

REGENCY:  Lady Narissa is the daughter of an earl, but that doesn’t stop her from moving freely between the rich socialites and the seedier individuals of London as she wishes. In secret, she runs a female-only gaming “hell” for the ladies of the ton. Seth Blakley’s younger sister is one of these ladies.

Out of Splinters and Ashes
Colleen L.

Secrets never stay secret forever—it’s only one theme of this well-written, historical novel with true literary value. Although set in modern times, the author links WWII and the 1936 Olympics with contemporary characters through their grandparents.

Silver (Heart of a Miner Book 1)
Krystal M.

WESTERN:  It's been four years since Clara Early’s father was killed, leaving her orphaned and living in Oregon City, Oregon with her aunt and cousins at the age of 14.  Life was happy and good for Clara until her uncle, the infamous Lester “Crooked Montgomery” returns home, demanding the money that Clara’s father left in trust for her.  Facing certain death from her uncle, Clara hastily packs

In 1385, Edward de Montfort and Rosalyne Parry meet in Canterbury, shortly after Rosalyne and her uncle, Templeton (Temp) Parry, finish meeting with the Archbishop.  Temp is a well-known painter who has been commissioned by the Archbishop to paint a panel to hang inside Trinity Chapel, part of the Cathedral at Canterbury.

The Baron’s Betrothal

When Guy Fortescue returns home to England, he finds the country a dangerous place. Amidst trying to reclaim his inheritance and discovering who wants him dead, Guy manages to arrange a fake betrothal for the headstrong yet lovely Hetty Cavendish.