Reflections of Time: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Over twenty years ago, Evan Taylor wrote the story of his passionate romance with a woman he met through a mirror. Years later, his son Francis still lives in the shadow of that story, as the boy whose birth brought about his beloved mother’s death and ended his father’s happiness. An author in his own right, Francis is attempting to tell the story from his mother’s point of view: the slave girl destined for freedom through magic. But the story just isn’t coming together… until Francis’s editor, Crystal, shows up. Crystal has some pretty strong opinions, and her vivacious personality and infectious laugh attracts Francis like no one else has. But Crystal has a dark secret, too. Can two lost souls find hope and healing through another’s story?

Ms. Sand returns to the story originally told in “Reflections of Love”, but “Time” is more than just a prequel. It’s a retelling wrapped in an original story. Francis struggles not only with living in his famous father’s shadow, but with survivor’s guilt, while Crystal’s relationship with the past is hardly more comfortable. The second tale within the book follows Francis’ mother, Fran, a slave on the De Wolfe plantation, and it’s refreshing to have a story from a slave’s point of view. However, both stories are almost too short for the issues they raise and resolve. We hardly get to know Francis, Fran, or Crystal before the book is over. Nevertheless, it’s a refreshing dip into paranormal/historical romance with likeable characters in a familiar setting.

Janice Martin