The Penitent: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Once upon a time, Iseabal Maxwell fell in love with the enemy knight she was nursing back to health. Now, years later, she’s a single mother who has just lost her own father and the cruel new clan chieftain has plans for her. Forced to run for her life, Iseabal finds herself at the mercy of the only man she’s ever loved – the one man who left her behind.

Simon de Bretteby is one of the Saint’s most loyal soldiers and now, with a new land grant, a wealthy, settled man. He has no plans to marry, until the lovely lass who saved his life waltzes back into it, this time with a child in tow. Simon is determined to win back her affections, but his plans are derailed when Iseabal’s son is kidnapped. Can they rescue the child in time? Is their romance doomed?

“The Penitent” is a story of knights and fair maidens, languishing love and political chaos, and the ties that bind us all. The maiden-fair in this case is as courageous as the knight who pursues her, and the lore of the Saint’s escapades creates a nice atmosphere of intrigue and derring-do. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t offer much in the way of a plot, and the characters, especially the supporting cast, are somewhat limp and forgettable. However, the heart of the story – true love triumphs and forgiveness never expires – is solid and sweet. Readers looking for an escapist story will be glad they’ve found this one!

Janice Martin