Lord Corsair (A Pirates of Btittania Novel)

Sydney Jane

Captain Philip Carruthers is on a mission for Queen Victoria when he finds exactly what he's looking for, in more ways than one. He rescues Miss Beryl Angsley and is duty bound to return her to her father. Beryl is accompanying her Father on some diplomatic business when she is kidnapped by pirates. She's rescued by Captain Carruthers and is attracted to the British sailor. She's soon to be married and the trip was her last moment of freedom before the event. What she and Carruthers don't expect is to fall in love in the middle of the ocean while danger follows them. Both are in for a wild ride.

From the first page, this book pulls the reader straight into the action. There are swashbuckling pirates, a dashing Captain and a cat. The story has an intoxicating mix of passion, action and amusement. The descriptive aspects could have been more detailed so readers could more fully immerse themselves n the story. However, the passion and tension between Captain Carruthers and Beryl is electric, and readers will be aching for them to give into their desires and find their happily ever after. This novel has a bit of everything and is a very entertaining read. For fans of historical romance with pirates involved, this book is a must read and will be enjoyed by all. A creative, red-hot page turner.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick