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Princess Tia Helios has some grand ideas about how to restructure her father’s kingdom in order to bring it up to 21st Century standards. Before she can approach her father with her ideas, however, she wants to learn what the subjects of the kingdom feel about the monarchy they live in under — so Tia goes undercover.

The Download

SCI-FI:  Jenn MacDonald lives an average life until one day an experiment goes awry, sending her into the abyss. Within the unknown a god named Rheak reaches out to her, giving her an option she essentially can’t refuse. Soon Jenn awakens to find herself presented as a gift from the Goddess to the Beast Tribe, and betrothed to Kei Zhanfos.

Crazy in Love

Anna Flint is a very special person. She loves palindromes and could speak about them for hours. She collects tin cans. She loves math, and the perfection of numbers. She uses these things to survive in the world around her — she knows she is different from others, but her uniqueness is her shield.  

Gallowglass (Gallowglass #1)
Jennifer Allis

FANTASY:  Karina Siobhan Stewart and her brother, Chris journey to Scotland to work on her doctoral thesis on the ley lines around spiritually and magically charged locales. Each  are running from difficult relationship situations when this gift of an opportunity arises, and allowing them to put distance between themselves and their problems. Alas, problems can find you anywhere. 

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Valor de Nerra shares his home with his lady mother, Lady Margaretha Byington de Nerra. She is a woman on a mission — to see her son married and providing her with a hall full of grandchildren. A former soldier, Val is now acting as Itinerant Justice of Hampshire, an appointment from King Henry II. While he is not opposed to marriage, he has yet to find the woman of his dreams.