Gallowglass (Gallowglass #1)

Jennifer Allis

FANTASY:  Karina Siobhan Stewart and her brother, Chris journey to Scotland to work on her doctoral thesis on the ley lines around spiritually and magically charged locales. Each  are running from difficult relationship situations when this gift of an opportunity arises, and allowing them to put distance between themselves and their problems. Alas, problems can find you anywhere. 

Robert Kirk is a man of legend — literally. After losing a personal talisman while visiting Doon Hill, Karina returns to find this specimen of a man waiting for her. What a mystical tale he tells, and she is enraptured by the mystery waiting to be unraveled. 

A fantasy for the ages, “Gallowglass” takes the reader into the realm of the Seelie Fae. Ms. Provost has crafted an intriguing take on the Seelie stories of trickery. Her characters, while interesting, lacked the depth that could have existed. The dynamics of the tale being told are not as compelling as they could be and the plot gets convoluted in areas. When the story is rocking, it clearly shines through, but there are places where two different stories seem to vie for attention. Neither Chris’s tale nor Karina’s connect seamlessly. Additionally, the story is predictable enough that readers will be left unfulfilled. The chemistry between Karina and Robert is unmistakable, and is a shining light in the mystic. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto