Crazy in Love


Anna Flint is a very special person. She loves palindromes and could speak about them for hours. She collects tin cans. She loves math, and the perfection of numbers. She uses these things to survive in the world around her — she knows she is different from others, but her uniqueness is her shield.  

Matt Harper works with Anna and knows she is an odd bird to everyone else, but he likes her.  As time progresses he realizes that he and Anna have many things in common and they develop a truly beautiful friendship. Yet, while each feel deeply for the other, hurdles exist that neither is sure they can leap over. 

“Crazy in Love” presents one of the most unique perspectives in the world in an excellently crafted drama. The characters have distinct personal challenges that could easily prevent them from living normal lives. Ms. Costa’s understanding of her characters and their specific disabilities is spot on, making this story a dynamic addition to the literary world. The beauty of this story is the slow and realistic way that Anna and Matt’s relationship develops. The overcoming of their individual disadvantages only brings them closer together. Ms. Costa is an artist who has painted an emotional masterpiece. Bravo for remaining true to reality. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto