Vestiges of Valor (House of de Nerra #1)

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Valor de Nerra shares his home with his lady mother, Lady Margaretha Byington de Nerra. She is a woman on a mission — to see her son married and providing her with a hall full of grandchildren. A former soldier, Val is now acting as Itinerant Justice of Hampshire, an appointment from King Henry II. While he is not opposed to marriage, he has yet to find the woman of his dreams. When he renews an old acquaintance in the village all that changes. Sir McCloud d’Avignon’s daughter, Vesper, captures Valor’s eye. Lady Vesper is keeping a horrible secret from the world, something that sullies her good name. After seeing the regal Sir de Nerra and the hungry look in her father’s eyes when he sees his old friend, she seeks to keep the secret buried and her heart protected. 

Once again, author Kathryn Le Veque has built a world that draws the reader in, heart and soul. Her characters leap from the page and are crafted with a sure hand. A rousing plot, expertly woven leads the characters and reader on an adventure well worth joining. There is no doubt author Ms. Le Veque is a gift to this genre. Her attention to historical details and understanding of her subject matter makes the story so much more enjoyable. Some minor moments that slow the overall pacing of this tale are noticeable, but not so much that readers' attention will wander. Full of mystery, intrigue, treachery, and romance “Vestiges of Valor” is another top-notch book from this author! 

Penelope Anne Bartotto