The Download


SCI-FI:  Jenn MacDonald lives an average life until one day an experiment goes awry, sending her into the abyss. Within the unknown a god named Rheak reaches out to her, giving her an option she essentially can’t refuse. Soon Jenn awakens to find herself presented as a gift from the Goddess to the Beast Tribe, and betrothed to Kei Zhanfos. Together, they must open a series of seals to unbind the lost God of the Tribe. Along the way they discover the Phantom Eon, who has been sent to kill Jenn. When she frees him from his slavery, he pledges himself to her as her protector. A connection develops between the three, leading them on a bizarre journey. 

"The Download" is an imaginative construct of scientific curiosity amidst a wondrous adventure, leading to questions of the unknown. What happens when humans disappear into the realm of downloaded information? This is the question Ms. Carr seeks to answer. Wonderful worlds are crafted for the characters to journey within. The characters are unique, and well developed. The overall plot is clear, but the path wandered is oftentimes confusing. The mixture of the “download” and the clear story don’t always mesh fully, leaving the reader scratching their head. The ending is not concise and leaves questions to be answered. The story is not an easy one to grasp for the average reader. The science fiction crowd, however, will find this an intriguing novel to dissect. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto