The Runaway Queen (Royal Hearts)


Princess Tia Helios has some grand ideas about how to restructure her father’s kingdom in order to bring it up to 21st Century standards. Before she can approach her father with her ideas, however, she wants to learn what the subjects of the kingdom feel about the monarchy they live in under — so Tia goes undercover. She escapes from the castle and heads to a small town across the island in order to work at a small shop under her assumed name. As luck would have it, she does not even make it halfway to her destination before she has car trouble. Damon Anatos comes to her rescue but he is suspicious of her intentions. Will the two be able to work together or will their secrets separate them forever?

“The Runaway Queen” is the first book in the “Royal Hearts” series. Readers will happily fall in love with Tia and Damon. The plot of the story is unique enough to call original. The pacing is excellent; the story does  not slow down or speed up at inappropriate places. The background information helps to move the story along but does not take away from the important material. Descriptions throughout “The Runaway Queen” are magnificently mastered. Readers may find themselves so engrossed in the story that it may take them a while to re-acclimate into reality once they have finished!  Ms. Rodger’s characters are fully drawn and loveable, but with just enough angst for readers to love/hate them at times. 

Mary-Nancy Smith