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FANTASY:  Ada is tiny, but she is both an Edren and a warrior, an uncommon mixture. She feels the pull of the battle in her very blood. Ada is a sorceress and is learning spells to become an even mightier warrior. Christian, who is a Carules and a healer, is in love with Ada.

GOTHIC MYSTERY:  Sybil Ingram is an actress who is past her prime and accepts the proposal of a wealthy American named Alcott Lammle. Sybil marries him, only to be widowed immediately and left penniless. She devises a plan to be declared the rightful owner of his first wife’s home so she will have somewhere to stay.

The Anonlah are a nonviolent down-to-earth race who, with the help of the Kahlotah, defected from the Nazahpas. The older generations of Gideon’s people have made The Promise, but that does not extend to the Band of Brothers, responsible for the protection of their people.

Starter Wife

At first glance, Linnea King has a fabulous life. She’s the daughter of a prominent Las Vegas socialite and politician, and she’s married to the oh-so-successful lawyer, Evan King.

Texas Two Step

Was that Chad? No. It couldn’t be. This man looked uncannily similar, though. Maybe it was just Chloe’s imagination—wishful thinking. Or maybe the trauma of the shooting in her women’s shelter was playing with her head.