Fogged Up Fairytale


CHICK-LIT:  Brand Rye awakens in the hospital with no recollection of who she is or what has happened to her. Confused, floundering and feeling broken, things take an even more troubling turn when the man sitting bedside informs her that she is his wife! Determined to find out about her past and present, Brand inundates her husband Easton with questions about her life. Stunned to find out that she was more bad girl than good doting wife, the mystery of who she was deepens even further when her husband begins to tell her of how they fell in love; working an undercover case to trap a pair of criminals. Can Brand piece together the past and learn to love her husband again?


“Fogged Up Fairytale” has a unique take on the "happily ever after" romance. Brand's sarcasm is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the relationship between her and Easton seems refreshingly real. The flashback scenes never feel arbitrary, and actually lend themselves to a better understanding of the deep connection between Easton and Brand. However, the struggle with Brand's amnesia and Easton's seeming unwillingness to be fully open with her make Easton appear unsympathetic. The reader will absolutely love the effortless way that these two fall for each other. Although not the main focus, the crime aspect gives the book an edge of your seat sensation that can't be denied. One gets the feeling of being totally swept away with these characters as they get a second chance at love. Denise Baer's book has it all: mystery, thrills, and romance. The reader will not be disappointed!


Chantel Hardge