Overload Flux: A Central Galactic Concordance Novel

Van Natta 

SCI-FI:  “Overload Flux” is part of the Central Galactic Concordance series, and takes place in another universe where various humans have developed psychic skills. The ruling hierarchy often exploits these skills, which is why Mairwen Morganthur keeps her talent under the radar. Most people see her as a graveshift guard of no particular intelligence.


Luka Foxe, a crime scene investigator, sees through her bland façade. He even asks for her to assist him, which causes some irritation with her current employer. Mairwen views the opportunity as a mixed blessing due to getting away from her caustic boss but having to work with Luka, who exerts a magnetic pull, could be problematic. The two of them are tasked with finding whoever is stealing the vaccine, the absence of which could cause a planet-wide pandemic.

“Overload Flux” is a well polished, fast-moving sci-fi debut! Ms. Van Natta jumps into action immediately revealing the details of the surroundings in an organic fashion as opposed to info-load dump or the use of a prologue. The fully developed characterization of Mairwen makes her both sympathetic and intriguing. Luka is a powerful and troubled hero who’s determined to solve the crime while battling the demons presented by his own talent. 

Ms. Van Natta does an excellent job giving flesh to the secondary characters and surroundings, making the story come alive. Luka and Mairwen’s relationship develops slowly as they work together.  This is a good tight, sci-fi read with a touch of romance.

Morgan Stamm