Ghost of the Nile


Periseneb, an Egyptian warrior two hundred years dead, is called upon by the Goddess Ma’at to return to the living. With four red feathers tattooed on his skin to beckon the Gods when needed, he must right the wrongs of the past. Success will grant his entry into eternal paradise.  Failure will put his noble backside into the gray deserts for all time. Periseneb accepts the challenge, but never expects that true love will be part of his victory.


R-E-F-R-E-S-H-I-N-G. The review could end there, but that’s not enough to draw readers’ attention to this blockbuster of a story set in ancient Egypt! The Nile holds untold mysteries and treasures, as does this jewel of a novel. Neithamun, the heroine, is a woman with flaws and sizzling spirit who is being victimized by an evil neighbor with even fouler plans to upset the Pharoh’s rule. Periseneb is a true warrior with noble intentions.


A mystery to unravel, suspense, colorful secondary characters, and action to vault the story forward to the very end earned this novel five stars. Its only shortcoming (which may not be a shortcoming for some) is the love scene, which was very short and to the point. The element of excellent storytelling is present in this tale. The setting and description of Egypt and her imperious ways are reflected in every chapter without fail. 


For a fantastic summer read, launch into “Ghost of the Nile” and it’s entertaining cast of characters and intriguing tale of Gods and mortals weaving magic and courage to a satisfying end.


Natasza Waters