My Name Is A'yen (A'yen's Legacy #1)

Rachel Leigh

SCI-FI: On a distant planet rife with prejudices and slavery, the Loks Mé people have been slaves as long as  Archaeologist Farran Hart can remember. A’yen has been imprisoned for the death of his previous owner and despite being warned against it, Farran buys him as a guard for her foray into his home world.


A’yen is distrustful of the breeder offspring who purchased him. His short life, so far full of cruelty, slavery and unexpected death, has caused him to be both curious and suspicious. Still the opportunity to escort Farran is better than being in prison.

“My Name is A’yen” is expansive science fiction epic. Ms. Smith draws the reader into a new world very quickly while explaining the intricacies of society along the way. A’yen, while young, has a man’s maturity and natural reserve. Farran is an intelligent researcher, who is not only interested in her work, but in the mystery presented in her newly purchased guard. Ms. Smith does a wonderful job showing the developing relationship between the two characters. The budding relationship had an organic feel to it. The pacing in the book kept both the action and plot line moving. The imagery of the different planets added to the richness of the reading experience.

“My Name is A’yen” is a brilliant start to a sci-fi series with a romantic twist!

Caution: There is same-sex unions portrayed, which is an integral part of the story. 

Morgan Stamm