One Night with a Star (Second Chances #2)


Jenny Young and movie star Simon Mercer had one night together - a night she won’t forget, especially whenever she holds their son in her arms. Fifteen months later Simon returns. He disappeared for a reason, and now he’s back after becoming the man he knows he needed to become for Jenny. When he learns he has a son, Simon has even more reason to prove to Jenny he’s a good man, hopefully one she’ll want forever.


Readers will find a wonderful surprise when they indulge in “One Night with a Star”. Penned with superb balance of characters and plot, this book will be digested in one sitting. In fact, after the initial love scene where the hero and heroine devour each other, the other sensual scenes aren’t needed, and that’s saying something in the romance industry! Ms. Farmer quickly created distinct characters complete with quirks for good and bad. She may have pushed the fact Jenny is a good mother a tinge too much and readers may think she’s a bit of a snark when she sets poor Simon up to take a bawling out from her father, but there are enough growing moments to forgive Jenny. Although the "movie star falling in love with a regular girl" theme has been done before, this lovely story will leave readers sated and in no hurry to pick up another book, but instead, wallow a while in the “feel good” glow this novel creates.


From beginning to end, “One Night with a Star” keeps the spotlight on several likeable characters and quickly submerses the readers in a world which luckily will go on in this series. 

Natasza Waters