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Le Veque

It’s 1197 A.D. and Englishman Sir Keller de Poyer has been rewarded for years of service as a knight.

GOTHIC:  Nate Pierce is one step away from bankruptcy. Renting out the old family farmhouse while he renovates the manor house provides him with enough income to pay back the loans from his brothers.

STEAMPUNK:  Richard Windsor, the Prince of Wales and Guardian of the Time Machine, has traveled back in time to set things right from previous travels and convince his lady love to travel forward with him and be his wife.

Long, Hot Texas Summer

Loretta Sullivan and Jackson Bailey were perfect for each other, or so they had believed.  One disastrous moment of weakness ripped their marriage and young family apart.  It’s been seventeen years since Loretta packed up their little girl and belongings, leaving a trail of dust out of Lonesome Can

The Hunter’s Realm

The boundary between the Magical Realm and the Other Side is thinning.  The Realm’s best hunter is tasked with blending in with the humans and retrieving Realm escapees.  Elliot Hensworth thought his well-honed warrior skills would be used catching formidable adversaries - instead, he's prowling af